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Please see below and FAQs 84-95 for information on payment of individual monetary relief awards for back pay and fringe benefits.

Important Update!

Individual Monetary Relief Award payments have been issued to virtually all of the eligible claimants listed on the Final Relief Awards List who timely submitted a complete “Acceptance of Individual Monetary Relief Award and Release of Claims” (“Acceptance Form”). Individual monetary relief award payments have been delayed only to 6 deceased claimants while their estates address issues that must be resolved before their awards can be issued.

  • Fringe benefits and interest award payments were sent by GCG by first class U.S. mail.

  • Back pay award payments were issued by the City of New York.

  • If you are not a current FDNY employee, the City of New York mailed your check to your address on file via certified mail (or first class mail if your address is a post office box).

  • If you are a current FDNY employee who receives his or her check by direct deposit, your back pay award check was sent via direct deposit. Current FDNY employees who are paid by physical check were sent their back pay award in the mail.

Following is contact information to use if you were listed on the Final Relief Awards List, you timely submitted a complete Acceptance Form, and you have not received your individual monetary relief award.

  • If you have not received your fringe benefits and interest award check, please contact GCG at (866) 297-7120 or email questions@FDNYlitigation.com;

  • If you have not received your back pay award check, please contact FDNY Payroll at (718) 999-0449.

For other questions regarding monetary award payments, please call GCG at (866) 297-7120 or email questions@FDNYlitigation.com.

In January or February 2016, the City will send you a W-2 for the back pay portion of your award, and GCG will send you a 1099-INT for the interest portion of your award and a 1099-MISC for the fringe benefits portion of your award.

If your contact information changes at any time, please contact GCG at questions@FDNYlitigation.com or (866)297-7120.